19/20 A/W Overcoat Trend


Nowadays, work wear, outdoor jackets and trench coats are diversified. The demand of cotton mixed fabrics has been increased. Cotton mixed fabrics account for around 30% of a overcoat. Although the demand of overcoats has decreased a little, alpaca replacing ordinary wool grabs some share in A/W. With the advancing of technology, the focus is shifted to the eco-friendly fabrics. Denim still dominates the market. In this season, the focus is on the natural texture of acid-washed denim.

Key Silhouettes

Balloon Sleeve

With the prevalence of the 80s’ retro style, balloon sleeves gain traction. The sales increase a lot in October, November and January.


Batwing Sleeve

The design of batwing sleeve attract some mature women. The waist-controlled design is particularly important.


Sculpture Silhouette

The number of sculpture-silhouette overcoats has increased. During the workplace season from August to October, the sales of this kind of overcoats will rise.



From October to January, sales of cloak-like items increase a lot. The protection design is the key element in this season.



A-style overcoats can better present the female charm. The minimalism design is leisure and modern. The sales are relatively stable.


Boyfriend Silhouette

The unisex style gained popularity in this season. Especially in September, the sales rise significantly.


Oversized Suit

The comeback of the 80s style makes oversized suits popular again. The unisex styles expand the market.


Sports Suit

Sport suit is easy to wear and still prevalent. In this season, the style of sports suits is prone to be sumptuous.



Voluminous designs have some impact. In January- the vacation season, sales of voluminous sports suits will rise significantly.


Portable Trench Coat

The sales of portable trench coats increase a lot in autumn, but in winter, the sales decrease. In this season, the overlaying style has a great impact.


Deconstructed Trench Coat

The designs of trench coats made a breakthrough in this season. The deconstruction and paneling renew trench coats. Bold designs can expand the market.


Suit Trend

Warning Line

The theme of ” Protection ” can be presented by workwear elements, bright colors and glossy fabrics. Warning signs in daily life are impressive. The fluorescent fabric which is through special processes stand out it unique feature.


Sports Elegance

Silhouettes of vintage sports suits and sporty jackets are reminiscent of past ages. Solid color styles and simple silhouettes emphasize female elegance. Bright color blocks exude a sporty style.


Jogging Life

Sports suits are re-designed. Dynamic colors, preppy check and modern stripe all renew old silhouettes. Ruffles are youthful and sweet.


Printed Suit

Colorful plants and flowers, striped prints and casual silhouettes are all combined. High-end fabrics are soft, and fit for the leisure style.



Prints feature folk elements and others. They can be combined with comfortable silhouettes of loungewear to create a new leisure style. The blending of multiple cultures leads to the mixing of fashion elements.


Romantic Suit

Other designs are added on basic suits. Bold colors, check, print, and ruffles make the connection between unisex suits and girly romance.



Simple Silhouettes and denim are utilized to create a industrial mix-and-match style. The silhouette of retro workwear could present the integration of youth and workwear.


Industrial Revolution

Because the theme is related to industry, the colors are retro. Neat silhouettes are still the first option to show a female image. Cargo jackets are also a symbol of feminine power.



Classic four-pocket workwear jacket, silhouettes emphasizing wide shoulders, tough canvas and deep muddy colors are all fit for the theme of “protection.” Paneling of different materials are diversified.


Mirror Effect

Symmetrical paneling has mirror effect. Jacquard fabric and suit fabric are blended to interpret the new method of deconstruction. Urban suits are renewed completely.


Unconventional Sleeve

Unconventional sleeves present a variety of silhouette designs. Exaggerated shoulder lines, unsymmetrical sleeves are futuristic.


Overlapping of Cutting Pieces

Deconstructed suits are the best style to be modern and fashionable. Lots of cutting pieces are eye-catching. The splicing of fabrics and patterns are outstanding, and delivers a unique aesthetic. Unsymmetrical designs are novel.


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