6 Red Popular Style in Recommendation

Christmas is a holiday not only for foreigners but also for Chinese people. Red in China represents auspiciousness. What will happen if red meets with Christmas?

red style

We recommended the following 6 red popular style, which are eye-catching and dynamic. If you have not decided what present to give, then you could pick up red items.

Red Overcoat:

Overcoat is necessary in winter. If you’d like to hang out with friends or have a date, a red overcoat is outstanding and charming. With a white inner layer, the look is more attractive. With a pair of black boots, the colorway is suitable for the Christmas season.

red coat

Red Coat:

If you are not tall, this short coat is just for you. With a inner blue item, the whole appearance is fashionable. Jeans are classic and chic. A pair of short boots make the whole look stylish.

red style 1

Red Dress:

Red dress is popular with lots of women. And red could also be matched with green. Red dress in winter is attractive and energetic. But a red dress alone can’t keep warm, so a short military green coat is needed. This matching is suitable for not-tall women.

Red Dress

Red Pants:

Elaborate red leather pants are attention-grabbing and youthful. The top is white and furry. The appearance looks warm. The black shoes are matched with the white top. The red of pants can perfectly link the top and bottom.

Red pants.jpg

Red Hat:

In windy days in winter and autumn, a hat is needed to maintain your hairstyle. A red hat is practical and stylish. For example, the red cap in the picture is youthful. The same tonal matching is simple yet exciting.

red hat

Red Handbag:

Red handbag is the last one we highly recommend. In daily matching, if you are a little bit not satisfied with your style, a red handbag could help a lot. The small red handbag could liven up the look.

Red Handbag

These 6 red items could accompany you through the romantic winter.

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