The Queen of Spain fashion style is so beautiful

Queen Letizia

Many people say that the clothes of Megan in the European royal family are getting better and better. They are in the first position of the kings in the European royal family, but I feel that although Megan is dressed in diversity, it is one day a day. Like, but what is missing is a temperament and royal family! Compared with the British royal family, I think that the Queen of the Spanish royal family, the Lady Letizia, is a royal family and has a sense of fashion. Many people will say so Kate, and Kate’s dressing has also been seen. In the seven years of marriage to the royal family, almost all of them were very simple to wear, nothing new, so Kate has a dignified feeling, but lacks a sense of fashion, and the Queen of Spain has both, so say me More optimistic about the dress style of the Spanish Princess.

Queen Letizia and her husband

The usual hairstyle of the Queen of Spain is the kind of curly hair that is very feminine and feminine. This time, the Queen of Spain finally changed her hair style. This time it was beautiful and it was beautiful, and it changed red lips. Amazing beauty that is completely different from usual. It can be seen that the Queen of Spain wore a satin black dress with a sleeve in the day. The skirt of the dress has a very faint black embroidered flower, which adds some design and layering to the overall black.

Queen Letizia's black dress

But on the same day, Letizia’s hairstyle is her most extravagant place. The shape of the hair is like a goddess. The five senses of Letizia are very delicate. They used to be the female anchor of the famous Spanish TV station. The Spanish prince looked at it, so she said that she could still join the Spanish royal family when she was married, and later Letizia showed her wisdom, which can be seen from her dressing style. The Spaniard is very concerned about the local Spanish brand ZARA, so she often wears a few hundred pieces of ZARA clothes, and this is obviously for the local brands!

On the same day, the black dress of the Queen of Spain not only reflects its noble feeling, but also with such a red lips, the combination of red and black is always so classic and harmonious, you may see the British royal family Megan or Kate very much Less use of red lips, but for such a bright color royal family is generally discouraged to use, the royal family banned the kings are not allowed to use colorful nail polish, but Letizia has its own style.

Queen of Spain

This kind of style is not only from the side or from the front, it is a style, the left side is the braided style, and the right side is such a curled hair style, so the face of the Queen of Spain is simply awesome, and the day The earrings are also very exaggerated, and the combination of white and red on the top shows a luxurious texture.

I only saw the exquisite feeling from the Queen of Spain. At 46, can you see that she is 46 years old? It even looks younger than the British royal family’s Princess Kate. There is almost no headline and eye pattern. Her skin is very well maintained. She is now the mother of two princesses, but she is as slim as Kate.


I think she is more natural and refined than Kate’s Princess! And the other calf legs are also very good looking, so wearing a high heel gas field is even more powerful. Have you changed the hairstyle of the queen, have you been beautiful by her?


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