19/20 Autumn Winter Confirmation of Color Trend for Menswear

Color Trend for Menswear

“In the future, when you are born, AI will know you, read all your emails, hear all the voice records and know your favorite moive…” Yuval Noah Harari, Israeli writer of A Brief History of Tomorrow, expressed his vision for the future world. The things depicted in the book have gradually come true. The oncoming 5G will enhance the exchange of humans and technology- Internet will step into the era of internetting everything.

Fashion Prediction

Key Color — Dark Chrome Red
Dark chrome red is indispensable for this theme. Vintage dark red tone with metal luster is unique, and becomes the best color for future and vintage styles. At 19/20 A/W catwalks, leather and other bright materials are utilized to present deep chrome red.

Dark Chrome Red Styles

Key Color — Chip Blue
Chip blue is suitable for showing the futuristic and technological style, which could also add a high-class feel to garments.

blue fashion style

Color Proportion 1
The main color is bright yellow. Olive green and silver are complementary tones. Yellow tones are sporty, while silver is fashionable.

yellow fashion styles

Color Proportion 2
Xenon blue is the main tone. Paradise bird orange and blue grey are futuristic technological. Rare xenon blue is refreshing, and the bright orange tones are ideal matches.

Paradise bird orange and blue grey styles

Color Proportion 3
Grey green is the main tone in winter. Combined with chip blue and deep chrome red, it looks uniquely functional. The decoration of silver and deep blue is colorful.

Grey green Fashion Styles

Color Proportion 4
Deep blue, as the main color, feels calm with olive green and grey green. Paradise orange is vital.

Deep blue and green fashion style

Recommended Brands
A-Cold-Wall and C2H4 Los Angeles are both unique designer brands. The main designing points are function, sports and future looks.

designer brands fashion styles

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