The Queen of Spain and the first lady of Argentina are in the same frame, who looks more beautiful


In the past few days, the Spanish Queen Letizia and her husband Felipe began a three-day state visit to Argentina. The Queen of Spain has always been known for its high-grade clothes. This time, it is still beautiful. Enthusiastic! Letizia came to Buenos Aires and the first lady of Argentina was in the same frame who two were so beautiful.

Letizia's light pink dress

The 46-year-old Letizia and the 44-year-old Argentine First Lady Juliana Awada are dressed in elegant dresses under the knees. Letizia’s nude pink sleeveless dress is full of girls feelings, Fluffy hairstyle looks very elegant. Perhaps speaking of the European royal family, everyone is familiar with the British royal family Megan and Kate, but I prefer the elegance and low-key Queen of Spain. This cherry blossom skirt is very age-reducing, and the design of the waist just highlights the curvaceous beauty of Letizia.

Letizia dress

The pleat design of the hem is full of design, and in order to balance the nude color dress in the day, the Queen of Spain is paired with a pair of red high heels that enhance the color. The nude pink and red collide each other which is both low-key and very worthy of attention. The bag on the hand echoes the color of the shoe, and the Queen of Spain always reflects her high-grade clothing in various details.


The simple earrings are very versatile, and there is no too complicated design. It is so swaying in the ear to describe the elegance and elegance of the royal family. And this time Letizia and the first lady of Argentina are in the same box, it is inevitable that it will be compare it each other! The first lady of Argentina, Bilitizia, was two years younger, and the two were like sisters. The first lady of Argentina appeared in a polka-dot dress, and the design of the V-neck highlighted a ittle sexy.

Letizia and the first lady of Argentina

The first lady, Juliana Awada, is also very extra-pointed, and Letizia’s curly hair style is not the same as usual. The wave is more curled and more charming! Originally as the female anchor of Spain, the counterattack was married to the Spanish royal family, and the second marriage was still became a big winner in life.


The Queen of Spain is now 46 years old, and this figure looks like 30 years old! Born with two little princesses, she has always been a dressing template for Spanish girls. Not to pursue too expensive clothes, it is such a simple shape, which highlights the inner peace and noble feeling! This nude pink dress comes from the brand Pedro del Hierro and it is also a Spanish brand. Letizia is really the king of the powerful Spanish brands! The skirt from the spring and summer of the 19th series, it is very line-cut, does not seem to grab the limelight, but it is full of advanced!

Queen of Spain

The Queen of Spain and the first lady of Argentina took a close photo. Liana chose a navy blue dress with silver spots on it. The design of the sleeves is also very suitable for the occasion. In fact, we also wear from the two. You can learn a lot, the skirt is really a must-have item for formal occasions, and if you want to wear this color, you have to rely on some details to build!

Letizia's long dress

But this time, Letizia’s skirt has a shortcoming, that is, the waistline is too low, it seems to have some five points. If the waistline of skirt can be raised, it will be more perfect!

The four people took a photo with the picturesque poster! The height of this king of Spain is so high, where is the way to grab the limelight! Do you think that the Queen of Spain meets the first lady of Argentina, who is better? I can’t compare it.

The Queen of Spain and the First Lady of Argentina are in the same frame, and the cherry blossom skirt is too charming to hit the polka-dot skirt.


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