After working with Supreme five times, what is the charm of Stone Island

Now it is a time when everything is functional. It may not be the same for everyone. But with the hot of the functional style, the brand fire with the concept of function.


The functional brand ACRONYM which is dominated by Errolson Hugh, Italy’s “Stone Island” have quickly gained widespread attention in the past two years.

Errolson Hugh's fashoin style

Recently, In the Supreme’s spring and summer series, I believe everyone has seen the fifth cooperation between Big Brother and Stone Island that was officially released.

Supreme Fashion Style

But frankly speaking, the function style is still a small niche, and some of the trend players know it for the two brand collacation series.

Most of them are familiar with it because of the cooperation in 2016. After that, the good things have emerged, and the cooperation with Sup has not been interrupted. This time, a series of products are also known for their popularity. Many people are satisfied.

fashion style for men

Silk Light Jack is sure to be a lot of people’s intentions among those style. This is the classic style that Stone Island has produced in the past 90s years. Silk Light is a fabric developed by Massimo Osti around 1987-88 and used for the first time in ready-to-wear.

The fabric is waterproof and windproof, it is similar to lightweight nylon and polyurethane coating, which gives the fabric a look that looks like silk and has high practicality. The shiny appearance is also makes people think that this is a patent leather.

waterproof jacket

As a long-established brand, the brand’s fabrics and dyeing technology have long been famous, and today’s products have already advanced. In the history of the brand, the emergence of a variety of styles can meet your needs, like retro style, you can look at the works of Stone Island more than ten years ago or even decades ago, it still not outdated.

As a very vertical brand, it is wonderful to have so many choices. Even if the current “islanders” are mostly functional enthusiasts, if you have a strong interest in Stone Island, flip through its vintage? Finding your own military style, sports and other styles, even Tannin products are not difficult.

demin coat

The beginning of Stone Island begins with the C.P. Company founded by Massimo Osti in 1975. Stone Island was originally an experimental branch of the CP Company, and its main advantage was the technological fabric. Due to the breakthrough in the development of innovative and technological fabrics, Massimo Osti officially took this branch out of operation in 1982. Stone Island was founded.

Stone Island

Until 1996, Massimo Osti officially left Stone Island until 1996, and since then Stone Island has been handed over to Carlo Rivetti.

Carlo Rivetti

The real power of Stone Island is that it can be applied to all garments. The fabric technology is most familiar to everyone that is undoubtedly the epoch-making fabric technology on the Ice Jacket launched during the period 1989-1990 – Heat Reactive.

Thermochromic fabrics are characterized by the fact that the pigment molecules of the heat-sensitive coating exhibit different shades as the temperature changes.

Simply put, the color of the garment changes as the temperature of your body changes, it giving the garment an artistic look. The color-changing trench coat in the 16-year Supreme x Stone Island co-branded collection uses this Heat Reactive thermochromic technology.

Supreme x Stone Island

In addition to the research and development of technical fabrics, Stone Island has a unique secret in fabrics what is the fabric dyeing technology, also known as Garment Dyed garment coloring.

Stone Island fabric

Nowadays, the dyeing process that we generally see is to dye the fabric that needs to be used first, and then to fabricate the fabric with the dyed finish.

But Stone Island is the opposite. Because they want to be free from fabric restrictions, it is made by first fabricating the fabric and then dyeing the entire garment. This is also the source of the Garment Dyed ready-to-wear name.

Garment Dyed

Stone Island’s Garment Dyed ready-to-wear coloring technology completely breaks the independent reaction of the cloth to the dye, and who can dye any texture of the sam e color and color.

In 2003, Stone Island succeeded in coloring one of the most difficult fabrics polyester fiber in the world, it is further to expand the application range of the entire process. And, a few years ago, Carlo Rivetti revealed that Stone Island has now produced more than 60,000 dyed formulations.

Stone Island

Constantly review and delve into the transformation and performance improvement of fiber and fabric to ensure that the garment is not only beautiful but also practical.

However, in addition to cost too thoughts on fabric technology, Stone Island also established the brand’s high-end branch “Shadow Project” (shadow series) in 2008. Coincidentally, Errolson served as a design planner.

Shadow Project

The overall color scheme is bolder, with a more lively and brighter color, tailored and styled is more suitable for everyday wear or outdoor sports.

But after all, the production technology is there, the price is high, and people who generally don’t have any money are still unacceptable.

red stylepurple style

It is said that today’s fashion and high-end technology are more closely integrated today, high-performance and more functional clothing is believed to be a brand new wearing experience!

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