92-year-old Queen wearing a turquoise green embossed skirt is too elegant

British Queen's

Now everyone thinks that Megan is the most fashionable person in the British royal family. Megan has started taking maternity leave! A baby born in a few days is destined to be a concern. And I think that whether it is Princess Kate or Princess Megan, who is more elegant and noble, the 92-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II should have won steadily! The Queen of England has worn almost all the colors and is known as the “Rainbow Grandma.” Red orange yellow green blue purple, these colors are controlled by the Queen! The Queen’s standard wear is a light-legged coat with black one-legged suede shoes, a black style, and most importantly, the top and the clothes are always the same color hat! The Queen has been so elegant for decades, perhaps what the usual “Queen Faner” should be presented by Elizabeth II!

On local time of tuesday evening , the Queen of England hosted a reception to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO). The Queen’s turquoise dress was radiant, and the 92-year-old queen’s makeup is no worse than 10 years ago. The biggest difference now is that there is a little bit of hunchback! The queen who did not wear a hat showed her shining white hair. I felt that the white hair was still so beautiful, and the silver silk was frozen for 92 years.

turquoise dress

This kind of turquoise green has a shiny feelings, and it looks like a leather coat in the near future, but this is just an embossing on the fabric. The queen is paired with her favorite pearl necklace and earrings. The smile is always so kind and friendly. There is no need for people to walk. The Queen of all kinds of things is almost absent. In many of us, the 92-year-old can live. Very few, and the Queen is still live like 72 years old.

British Queen

It is said that the Queen of England is a refined, elegant and old woman. When we look at the Queen’s skin, after the exquisite makeup, the wrinkles are still very small. The Princess Kate and Megan can hardly apply too bright lipstick, but we see that the Queen is always relying on lipstick. Let your look doubled. The Queen chose the red lipstick that brought the Queen’s gas field on the day. This kind of gloss and saturation. If I look at the lips, I think it is a young girl because there is no lip pattern at all!


When she laughed, her face was wrinkled, but it affected the nobleness and dignity of the Queen. The Queen just announced that she was no longer driving. In fact, from the Queen, I think the word “Brave” is used to describe it. It’s no exaggeration. The 92-year-old queen often rides and drives. The Queen has always been very car-loving. Many people say that the Queen’s eyes are all stories. They have been married to Prince Philip for more than 70 years. When the Queen has seen a lot of right and wrong for decades, the Queen’s eyes still have such clear eyes.

British Queen

The Queen’s embossed skirt is from Karl Ludwig, with a Cullinan diamond pendant brooch. The Queen’s accessories are almost all pearls or diamonds, and it will not be too exaggerated. That kind of style is simple but full sense of quality, in fact, it is the most luxurious.

Green clothes are estimated that many people dare not try, but the Queen is also chose a green coat a few days ago. This kind of green coat has a more springy atmosphere. The Queen puts on a lot of people and says it is like a flower fairy!

green style

With the hat decorated with flowers, the queen walks in the crowd and it is full of the spring feelings. Can you see that this is 92 years old? In fact, for the royal family, the Queen has begun to slowly hand over to King Kate and Megan, and the Queen should rest and rest! After a lifetime of work, I have been a “Rainbow Grandma” for a lifetime.

British Queen's fashion style

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