Five Wave Point Fashion Style for Women

In fact, the most popular style of this year is almost the same as last year, but we are still able to wear traditional style clothes which is full of new style feelings, in fact, it is very simple, it is nothing more than the color matching and clothing style match, today, twe will bring you five fashion style look for you to help you more beautiful in the summer day!

LOOK1: V-neck Style

The slim clothing style is a major feature of women’s clothing, many designers will adds this element in different styles of clothing, as well as deep V-neck style.

v neck fashion style

Polka-dot dresses should be said to be more old-fashioned, but if we choose a deep V-neck style dress, then it will be very different after wearing, especially sexy.

sexy deep v neck dress

The tight-fitting deep V-neck dress is completely wearable, but the premise is that we need to choose the style that suits us. In addition, if we can, we can decorate with accessories such as hats and headscarves.

fashion style

This deep V-neck one-piece dress is quite fashionable in style. The deep V-neck design is added to the collar, and the black waistband design is added to the waist.

LOOK2: Round neck top style

Compared with the deep V-neck style, the student is more suitable for wearing a round neck style. After all, the round neck style tops will look very smooth and fresh.

elegant fashion style

If you don’t want to wear a long deep V-neck skirt, we can also choose a round neck one-piece dress, but when we choose, the color should be placed before the style, the color choice is appropriate, even if the style is not good, it will looks particularly perfect.

fashion round neck style

The lace round neck top is especially suitable for girls who wear sexy routes. In this photo, Fan Bingbing chose a long skirt with a round neck style, which is especially suitable for her personality.

fashion style

The polka-dot dress is different from the floral one-piece dress. If the style is not very good, the wave point will appear a lot, and even it will look very disordered, which will affect the visual sense.

LOOK3: Top Sling Style

Among the many costumes of girls, the two elements of “deep V-neck” and “sling” are always the main elements used by designers to show their sensuality. Of course, if girls are good, they wear these two styles. It is really sexy when they wearing it.

square collar style

The suspender skirt is different from the suspender top. Because it is a long-style style of clothing, if the top and bottom garments are different styles, there will be a large contrast effect, so the beauty sister will usually wear a suspender one-piece skirt.

sexy short style

If you really want to wear a sling, we can wear a light-colored sling on the upper body, and then wear a pair of jeans on the lower body. The jeans must be light-colored, otherwise the color will look very bad.

LOOK4: Elegant Chiffon Shirt

Chiffon shirts are a style of clothes that girls often wear. Not only are the styles of clothes far higher than those of short-sleeved T-shirts, but the temperament is also particularly attractive after wearing.


Matching guide: The upper body is wearing a white V-shirt with a white background and a black V-neck chiffon shirt. The style of the chiffon shirt is as close as possible to the tight-fitting style, and then the lower body is paired with a blue-green jeans, which is very temperament.

fashion style

If she does not choose the style of the clothes when she wears a suit style, it is really not as good as wearing a chiffon dress with a one-piece style. At the very least, the characteristics of the skirt are very clear, and they will be presented without deliberate matching.

Fashion Style

If you wear a black V-neck chiffon shirt with a deep V-neck style, if you want to build your body, then we must wear a pair of black skinny jeans in the lower body, so that it can show the temperament and also show figure.

LOOK5: Casual Shirt

Compared with men’s shirts, women’s shirts are not only a wide variety, but also it have a lot of styles, and the shirts are also versatile. Whether it is matched with jeans or skirts, it is perfect.

sweet fashion style.jpg

Matching guide: The upper body is wearing a white polka-dot shirt with a grass-green style. The style of the shirt can choose some styles of the girl, but the jeans worn by the lower body that should try to give priority to the tights.

fashion style

Matching guide: The upper body is wearing a white polka-dot style shirt. The style is as good as the slim style. The lower body is equipped with a pair of trousers, which are also light-colored, so that it looks more synchronized.


If we have black elements in our upper body, we can fit a black tight leggings on the lower body, and then wear a pair of over-the-knee boots on both feet to make the perfect leg shape.

In fact, the polka-style style of clothing is not very difficult to match, the simplest and most practical point of matching skills is that the upper body wearing the wave point is what color, we are in the lower body with what color of the bottom, no matter how to match, look I don’t feel very tired.

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