The Queen of Spain was wwearing a nightgown coat went to the village


On the 11th local time, the Spanish queen Letizia appeared in the village of Lerma in Burgos, she is ready to watch the “Angel” exhibition which is held in Burgos Cathedral. Letizia wears a cream coat who is easily found in a group of people.


Walking on the uneven stone road in the high-heeled shoes , Letizia walked into the royal family for many years, but she is still maintained the style of women in the workplace.


Letizia’s coat is a nightgown style. She showed them two ways to wear this coat, either by attaching a belt or opening the round neck shirt and high waist pants. Nightgown coats tend to be bloated after being attached to the belt, but this problem is not obvious for people with slim bodies.

Princess Meghan

When it comes to nightgown coats, it’s hard to think of the British Duchess of Sussex Meghan. When she first appeared as the fiancée of Prince Harry, she wore a white robe coat at Christmas. Also it is puts on a camel. I don’t know if the fabric is too thick. Anyway, Megan is a bit cumbersome to wear, and it is inferior to Letizia in terms of cleanliness and beauty.

Princess Meghan

After the pregnancy, Megan was still not give up the nightgown coat, but the protruding pregnant belly directly turned the coat into a nightgown for warmth in the morning, lazy is there, but the temperament should not be thought. Megan is also reminded everyone that if the waist is not slender, don’t wear a nightgown coat.

Princess Meghan

Letizia is looking at the exhibition, whether it is a look or a standing who gives a feeling of fullness. At 46, she looks tall and very energetic.


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