The latest family portrait of the Spanish royal family

Spannish Family

On April 21st,Madrid time , the Spanish royal family went to Mallorca to celebrate Easter. They went to the majestic Palma de Mallorca (Parma) church to attend the mass. Three generations photographed the latest family portrait in front of the church. The picture was warm and beautiful.

Spannish Family two

The Easter Mass of last year, the old king Juan Carlos I participated, but this year was absent. Although King Juan is only 10 months older than Queen Sophia, their physical condition is different, and Queen Sofia seems to be healthier.

Spannish Family

The Spanish royal family always gives people a visual enjoyment. Not only it is the high value family’s, but also their dressing is very simple but exquisite, but also it is highlight their respective characteristics that called the royal version of fashion textbook.

Spannish King

Queen Letizia wore a dark blue printed dress in that day. The feeling of walking and winding were very good. After entering the royal family for many years, she still maintained the style of women in the workplace.

Queen Letizia

The wind of the day was a bit big, and the long hair was very attractive when the fluttering after the wind . When it was against the wind, it seemed a bit messy. Fortunately, the smile was sweet enough, and the look of the lens was amazing.


The 80-year-old Queen Sophia wore a pale yellow suit with matching kittens and shoes, which looked very springy. This former Greek princess temperamental and warm is very nice.


The 13-year-old Princess Leonor and the 11-year-old Princess Sofia seem to be a lot more beautiful than they were a year ago. This time they chose different styles of wear, but they still retain some similarities, all with their hair scattered, and wear dark flat ballet shoes.


The future Queen of Leon Leonor wears a small white coat with a light blue dress who is wearing a little ladylike style. It looks very elegant and pleasant. Leonor’s father, Felipe VI, has a height of 198cm, and his daughter is very petite, but it is much better to stand next to the 170cm mother.


Sister Sophia wore a short tweed top with a button on the back and dark blue trousers. The style was very fashionable and the legs looked very slender. From the same frame, Sophia is younger, but her height is higher than her sister. It is estimated that she has inherited the high gene from her father.

Spannish Daughter

From the appearance of the two little princesses, Leonor is more like a mother, so who is Sophia like?


I saw the family portrait of King Felipe VI as a child. Sophia looks very much like her aunt, Princess Cristina.


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