Taylor Swift’s red plaid coat is very nice

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is really a master of wearing, she is not only have a sweet look, sings is also very nice, she is still relatively thin in the past few years, many people say that it is so pity if she does not go to the model, and the height of the 180, the angelic value and the long legs of the anti-sky mold were invited to the Victoria’s as a singer. 

Taylor Swift's fashion style

We can see that she is still very slim in the past few years, the clothes can be worn casually, whether it is a printed skirt or a mini skirt, or a jumpsuit, she looks so nice. She has always been a small fresh route or a retro route who has shown us a variety of styles, but in the past two years, she seems to be a bit fat, but the same is still her hanges.


On Monday local time, she participated in the supermodel Gigi’s 24th birthday party, while others were wearing denim elements. The Taylor Swift was unveiled with such a very festive color. The red plaid coat was matched with a spring-colored print. Skirts, and red lips are quite excellent. For a long time, Europeans and Americans have rarely painted red lips like moldy mildew. They generally like the bronzed nude makeup, but many times they tried to find mold. She is still the most suitable for such a bright red lips.


On the same day, the cat bag on the back on the shoulder is captured a girl’s heart! Instantly it became the most popular item, the moldy is only in the 30s who still has a childlike heart. The light blue bag’s fabric is looks very thick and that is full of childlike feelings, it is full of novelty and foamy bag, in fact, it is 750 dollars, and compared with those tens of thousands of bags, its uniqueness makes us more attractive.


Taylor Swift’s hair style on the day was also very distinctive. She dyed in ponytail pink that is changing her previous blonde style, and the day with the open toe high heels. Of course, red is her lucky color today, red lips and red hair, as well as red nail polish, which are printed on each other.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Although it seems that she has been a bit fatter in recent years, her body looks more body-building, rather than the chopsticks legs like the ones before. Nowadays, the legs with a very line shape are actually more like, i feel that the plaid coat is a must-have item for many people in the spring season. The long-lasting checkered clothes of mildew and double-breasted design have a retro feelings. The red lips of moldy day are of course to be matched with some diamonds, and such flower earrings and diamond necklaces show the charm of mildew in a very low-key way.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


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