Princess Kate’s is wearing peacock blue dress to visit with Harry

On April 25th, the British royal family’s Kate and Prince Harry participated in the ANZAC Day event which held at Westminster Abbey. Kate and Harry were unveiled together. The atmosphere was very relaxing and pleasant. Kate Princess was even poked by Prince Harry’s joke, and his affinity was better than ever.

Kate and Harry

Prince Harry has always had a good relationship with Princess Kate. Harry has repeatedly said Kate is regarded as a sister. Some time ago, the media had been rumored that Harry was alienated from the Kate couple because of Megan’s marriage.

Princess Kate and Harry

After attending the event and arriving at the church, the two got off the bus and walked away. They talked and laughed along the way, and they were kind and natural. They were exactly the same as Harry before marriage. The pleasant atmosphere of the two men alone this time easily broke the rumors of disobedience. The dress of Princess Kate is very eye-catching. She chose the Royal Blue series that the British royal family members liked.

Princess Kate and HarryPrincess Kate and Harry

It is reported that the Prince Harry’s name was added to the list of attendees at the last moment. Because his wife, Megan, is likely to be produced at any time, he promised to accompany Prince Harry’s production of Harry. It is necessary to confirm that Megan has not been in labor before attending the event. Prince William has other activities in New Zealand to attend. Therefore, this rare uncle has made a debut. Although the British media has always intentionally or unintentionally called the relationship between Princess Kate and Princess Megan, they still maintain the harmony of the surface.

Meghan and Harry

The dress of Princess Kate was amazing at this time. She chose the royal blue series that the British royal family loved. This peacock-blue coat dress is exquisitely designed, and it is lively and elegant that making Kate’s elegant temperament better than ever. Kate, who loves the beret, boldly used the decoration of the pheasant fur. It was a bit of fun in the gorgeous, and she gathered a lot of brilliance for her.

Princess Kate's Royal Blue dress.jpg

In order to match this special hat, hair style and dress style, Kate, the event has a beautiful and delicate hairpin. Bring a bit of romance and gentleness to the whole look. In the future, the British Queen’s atmosphere is more and more prominent. She always continues the fashion road of the late mother-in-law. She is boldly using the decoration of the pheasant feathers. The curved disk on the top hat is like a phoenix with wings spread, gorgeous and very recognizable.

Kate's hat twoKate's hat

In order to commemorate the sacrifice of the Australian and New Zealand troops during the event, Kate and Harry participated in the commemoration with guests including the Australian High Commissioner, including reading the commemorative bill.

Princess Kate and Harry

In the event of sharing the exchange, the photographer recorded the gentle smile of Prince Harry’s and Kate. Once again, it was proved that the brother-in-law between the two men was completely unaffected and the warmth remained.

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