2019 SS Comprehensive Analysis of South Korean Directional Denim Markets for Kidswear

fashion market report

Femininity Attachment

Decorative lace, sequins and beads brighten up denim. Intersecting straps on the back and pockets add newness. Photos are printed on denim jackets, which is very eye-catching.

Femininity Attachment Demin

Piecing of Multiple Fabrics

Denim is not just confined to the vintage style. More different fabrics and styles are seen on denim styles. Denim fabrics in different tones add depth. Simple T-shirts, textural knitwear, tweeds and sportif sweatshirts are pared with leisure denim, which is novel.

Piecing of Multiple Fabrics

Mock Layers

Under the influence of adult garments, the mock-layer denim styles are directional. Chiffon, terry and knits are teamed up with denim, plus destruction and fraying, accentuate the diversification of denim.

Mock Layers

Color Contrast

Denim fabrics in light and deep tones through washes are appealing. The contrast colors on pockets and side seams renew denim.

Color Contrast Demin

Directional Large Pockets

De-gendered consumption is not new. Large workwear pockets are highlighted. Dimensional pockets, patch pockets on the back, inside-out pockets are all key directions.The distressed and destroyed hems accentuate structural lines on the edge.

Directional Large Pockets


Suspender trousers and jumpsuits gain traction. Loose and crisp silhouettes, dimensional pockets on the back, lettered tapes and waist bands add an appeal.

Suspenders Jumpsuits

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