Purple Heather Color Evolution of Women’s Fur

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With the rising of young consumers, bright colors are getting more popular. The slightly neutral pink purple is refined. The purple tones for A/W 19/20 are inclined to be youthful and sweet. Winsome orchid feels sweet, romantic and feminine, adding a soft quality.

Winsome Orchid fashion color

Winsome orchid is used on fur coats in a large scale. It is often matched with achromatic colors or red and brown to deliver a warm mood. Textures can soften or warm up colors. Tonal jacquard patterns add interest.

purple color fashion style

The palette of A/W 20/21 shows the coexisting of reality and the digital field. LiFi provides a much faster and safer way for data transmission. Technology is more friendly, which implies the change from delicate color to technical bright colors. Refreshing pastel colors are more saturated with color blue tones and a bit of magenta。


Purples change from warm red pink tones to cold blue tones. Purple Heather containing a bit of grey is more adaptable for seasonal continuity. It is ideal for collaboration items.

purple color style

Purple heather for A/W 20/21 is mostly seen on cropped leather jackets, parkas and fur coats. Olive green or bright red orange tones can be matched with purple heather to show a youthful street feel. The pale pastels can make a contrast of lightness and darkness.

purple color coat.jpg

Tonal items are mainly matched with garments in purple heather. Metallic pastels can be paired with light gold. Basic style are key here. Color piecing or mini structures underline Gen Z’s offbeat qualities.

purple coat collocation

The new minimalism replaces maximalism. Silhouettes and colors are calmer, more unisex and conceptual. Pared-back silhouettes work best for cropped coats in purple heather. Wider shoulders, mini structured sleeves and half-hippie accessories accentuate a relaxed and stylish look.

fashion trend purple style.jpg



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