Cantaloupe of Spring Summer 2020 Color Trend for Girls

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Living coral, a representative color of S/S 2019 released by Pantone, evolves to cantaloupe which feels soft and comfortable. Multiple styles like sweetness, sports, leisure and Little Me can be matched with cantaloupe. Fashionistas and models such as Olive Elise, Pepper, Justy Qlive and Chloe Pietzka all think it indispensable for daily wear.

Cantaloupe color trend

Cantaloupe feels softer. The sun-faded effect is nostalgic and can be matched with styles of playfulness and weirdness. Designer and leisure styles are suitable.

Cantaloupe color Inspiration

Strong color contrast is key for playfulness collections. Shiny blue, moss green and sunny yellow can team up with cantaloupe to offer a unique colorway, along with strange silhouettes and designs.

Playfulness color style

As key tones, moss green and cantaloupe are appropriate for outdoor military adventurous themes. The tones soften the toughness of workwear. They work well with daily wear.

Clothing Collocation

Cantaloupe is used for sweetness collections. The soft and low saturated tone works best for a sweet South Korean style, providing an alternative for S/S pinks.


Pared-back styles with soft tones are key for this collection. Tone-on-tone matching is refreshing and elegant, while contrast colors are eye-catching.


The palette of sweetness collection incorporates elf blue and cantaloupe. This summer theme is reminiscent of picnics and jaunts, with soft yet contrast colors, refreshing and simple stripes, fruits patterns, bow ties and ruffles.

Clothing Collocation fashion


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