Let’s Protect Together of Brand Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney’s A/W 2019 kidswear includes three fashion campaigns – The Unhappy Fish, The Litter Bug and The Lonely Tree, calling for the protection of our earth. Stella McCartney even signed the Statement of New Plastic launched by Ellen MacCarthur.

fashion kidswear

Rockets, astronauts and planets are presents in prints. The slogan ROCKET TO THE MOON is very noticeable. Posters, simple cartoon pictures are presented via placement printing, appliques, embroidery and jacquards.

Pattern -- The Imagination of Astronauts

The exaggerated styling endures. Dinosaurs, hound dogs and monsters appear on boyswear, adding playfulness.

Pattern -- Hound Dog and Dinosaur

Geometric patterns such as polka dots, rectangular and semi-circle shapes, triangular patterns and stars are seen. They are often mixed to show uniqueness. The colored camo print is eye-catching. The little mice made up of geometric shapes could be referred to.

Pattern -- Diverse Geometrics

Many plants are incorporated for The Lonely Tree. The bright mushroom, Mr. Pumpkin and cacti bring a natural feel.

Pattern -- Magic Mushroom and His Friends

Fringing is more connected to patterns. Letters, geometrics and jacquards are highlighted. Embroidery and woven labels are presented in different ways. The combinations of appliques and embroidery show the nature.

Craft Detail -- Delicate Embroidery and Fringing

Bright colors are noticeable for this season’s knitwear. Contrast colors, cables in different textures, irregular hems and fringing are special. The pieced jeans with irregular geometric patterns and the pieced cape in contrasting colors are key items.

Technique -- Patchwork

Find more kidswear pattern graphic at https://www.popfashioninfo.com/patterns/graphics/gen_5/

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