Reconstructed Fashion Brand GXG


Neon green is key in the GXG x UMBRO collection. Some monochrome items are also seen. Neutral colors such as black, white, khaki and navy appear. The tee, sweatshirt, jacket and knitwear are dominant.


GXG collaborated with UMBRO to release the “Urban Functional” items with the theme of “Stand Out More”. The silhouettes of workwear jackets and outdoor trench coats are more exaggerated. Bold neon fabrics, reflective prints and functional technical fabrics create the directional urban and functional look.


In the autumn of 2019, GXG collaborated with BE@RBRICK with the theme of “BOY AND HIS BEAR”. Amazing moments in life provide inspiration.


Bold color blocking is key this season. In addition to ice cream tones, the combos of neon green and black, yellow and grey, printed and solid fabrics are common. The colorways are youthful, in line with Gen Z.


Text plays a key role. For GXG’s autumn 2019 collection, embroidered words, overlaid or all-over text with structural repeats provide a premium and individual twist.


Abstract and detailed patterns make a statement. For A/W 2019, portraits, scenic views and cartoon animals are used.

Stylish Print

The polo shirt has become the fashionable and versatile item for fashionistas. The slim silhouette is avoided. Small-scale panelling, embroidery and print are more youthful. Black, white and grey are timeless.

The Chic Polo

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