The Heroine


Mulan& New Jin Yong Girls

1. The trailer of Mulan has been released, nodding to classics. 2. Bazaar took photos of four new Jin Yong girls in the Battle Wizard and Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.

fashion style

Key Color — Mallow Red

Mallow red is the best option for heroines. Red is the favourite color to Chinese. Mallow red feels energetic and passionate.

Mallow Red

Key Pattern — Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Plum blossom and Bamboo.

Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Plum blossom and Bamboo are admired by ancient Chinese literati and poets.

fashion pattern

Key Pattern — The Four Spirits

Dragon is the traditional mysterious and auspicious animal in China.


Key Pattern — Chinese Characters

Chinese characters have a long history of more than three thousand years. They are proving inspiration to designers.

Chinese Characters

Key Pattern — Mysterious Animals

The Classic of Mountains and Rivers mentions lots of mysterious animals providing inspiration for designers.

Mysterious Animals

Key Fabric — Embroidered Dress and Fox-Skin Robe

Embroidered dress and fox-skin Robes are well-known luxurious garments in ancient China. Nowadays, brocade is made of silver and gold threads which are shiny and delicate.

Embroidered Dress and Fox-Skin Robe.png

Key Item — New Chi-Pao

Classical Chi-Paos feature straight lines and loose bodies with side splits. The opening or half-opening clousure, mock-neck, side splits, one-piece panel and plane cuts are the features.

New Chi-Pao

Collaboration — Chinese Old Brands and Fashion

Many old Chinese brands like Tongren Drugstore and others are injected with fashion.

Chinese Old Brands and Fashion

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