The Leather and Fur Trend for Menswear


With Gen Z’s preference of interesting and delicate details, multicolored combos and playful designs are the key direction for A/W 20/21 accessories. Dynamic embellishments and interesting patterns grab attention. Amekaji embroidery is often presented through intarsia to emphasize the homespun feel. Patterns include more scenes. Metallic accessories are cool and attractive for the simple and fine design. Tapes are short and delicate as well.

fashion menswear

Patches now have become a fashionable element to express statement attitudes. For A/W 20/21, Gen Z needs more statement-making and special design, and patches and badges with simple outlines and statement patterns go popular. Interesting mixing and irregular scattering create a delicate and fashionable look.

Interesting Patches

Decorative embroidery continues into A/W 20/21. With the increasing popularity of oriental culture, more fashion-forward brands are look for more striking embroidery patters. Amekaji embroidery with contrasting colors elevate the look. More lively, humorous and interesting patterns and highly dense embroidery are introduced into the mass market.

Amekaji Embroidery

Woven labels with logos and brand information are applied at the cuff, hem and pocket. The combo of woven labels, embroidery and appliques is novel and interesting. Text can be printed on checked wovens, leather and fur.

Novel Woven Labels

There are more colors in tapes which can be applied to the zipper, edge of collars and hem. Lettered tapes make a street statement, novel when applied to the collar and back. Tapes are shorter and more delicate.

Micro Tapes

Functional metallic chains brighten up items. For A/W 20/21, chains is more delicately modern through simply layering, back fringing and statement wearing. Single or multiple chains at the shoulder and sleeve are novel.

Delicate Chains

Studs symbolize the rebellious punk spirit. Influenced by Gen Z’s playful attitude, studs are injected with delicate, opulent and creative elements. Placement embellishments and trims still prevail. The combo of studs and metallic shoulder straps are novel. Checks, lines and geometrics can also be paired with studs.

Opulent Studs


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