The Popular Jackets in Menswear Market

top jacket

According to the analysis of jackets in September, the fashion and leisure jacket still leads the fashion and increases compared to last month. The business leisure increases a little. Few fashion brands have an obvious growth. Letters and splicing are still main designs. Check is back.


TOP 10

According to the top list, apart from few big brands, the top fashion brands and domestic original brands are main. The fashion and leisure brand from South Korea, TIME HOMME, has two items in the top 10. Items of business leisure style and fashion leisure style get high attention. Color blocks and spliced materials are key points, too.

TOP 10

The workwear jacket is more and more popular in this autumn and winter. Plain and simple appearance, functionality and toughness make it a necessary item for fashionistas. The functional style could be perfectly mixed with workwear jackets to bring a unique fashion and a practical design.

Practical Workwear Jackets

Irregular multiple pockets add the functional sense. The urban outdoor style popular lately mixes outdoor items into daily wear and gets more popular. Spliced materials add a stronger functional sense to the pragmatism.

Fashionable Functional Jackets

Spliced materials combine fabrics in two different color tones to enrich the layered sense with a deep and shallow visual impact. Greg Lauren is famous for new splicing techniques. And the brand splices light and wind-proof fabrics with knitwear to make the sweatshirt fashionable and individual.

Jackets with Spliced Materials

With the rise of sportif style, many brands pay more attention to the combination of fashion and sports. Rich colors, tapes and reflective fabrics are eye-catching in the style.

Sportif Leisure Jackets

The half-zip jacket is easy to wear. Loose pullover has street fashion style. Wind-proof half-zip outerwear adds the volume sense. Irregular geometric color blocks bring the retro street sports style.

Color-blocked Pullover Jackets

Large-scale printing or texts make the jacket more fashionable. The pattern is flexible and inclusive. Apart from designs in plackets, large-scale blank space in the back leaves room for designers to imagine. The domestic original brand, Harsh and Cruel, adopts color-blocking and deconstruction to make the clothing appreciable.

Fashionable Jackets


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