The New Gentlemanism Polo Shirt Silhouette Trends for Menswear


The polo shirt will be the key item of 2021 S/S. The polo shirt is not only the professional clothing of tennis and polo any more. After the style released by Polo Ralph Lauren is popular to become the teiban, sales volume of the polo shirt is higher because of its simple lines, well-fitting silhouette and the combination with sportif style. The attention is the polo shirt made in knit fabric will attract new consumers due to its breathable and moisture-wicking feature.

silhouette trends

The polo shirt is renewed by different shapes of diagonal plackets and buckles, splicing different fabrics like denim and shirts, and different collars. The simple shirt is leisure and exquisite.

The Creative Neckline Polo Shirt

The zipper, as the new neckline of polo shirt, accentuates the simplicity of polo shirt and reduces the cost of the placket production.

The Zipper Placket Polo Shirt

Pockets in different parts have different proportions in the shirt. Various bright colors make it brand-new. Preppy style is the key tone of leisure fashion in this season.

The Decorative Pocket Polo Shirt

As the popularity of the sportif top, the sweatshirt inspired fashionable polo shirt style much. The color-blocking collar and sportif loose cutting inject modern youth energy into the item.

The Sweatshirt Polo Shirt

The fine-gauge polo shirt of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Marni and Bosie is softer and more comfortable. The plain shirt is simply decorated by bright-colored cross stripes to create the leisure preppy style.

The Knit Polo Shirt

The original summer style is the main look in 2021 S/S. The polo shirt has some new elements like the repetitive cutout pattern, the loose silhouette and aiming at youngsters’ market.

The Cutout Polo Shirt in Summer


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