The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Popular Knitwear Sweatshirts

Silhouette Trend for Women's Knitwear Sweatshirts

Vigorous and fashionable trendsetters of the new era have completely different thinking mode and brand-new lifestyle, and pay more attention to casual wearing experience and unique details. Sweatshirts with both comfort and fashion are the first choice for youngsters. Knitwear sweatshirts in the new season advocate the wearing experience of casual beauty with details as the main and the silhouette as the complementary. This report will elaborate main points of the trend from “layer contrast”, “spliced materials”, “layered sleeves” and “bracket-style sleeves”. This report also recommends comfortable and good-looking knitwear sweatshirts to help with the development of the young and casual style.

Women's Knitwear

The loose silhouette and neat bracket-style sleeves are main silhouette points of women’s knitwear sweatshirts in the new season, and can strengthen female temperament. The soft and tough lines and neat cutting show the fashionable sense of the wearer. Crisp bracket-style sleeves are combined with details to show the fashion and leisure temperament. The sweatshirt of Les Coyotes De Paris uses letters and slogans as topstitches. Simple but powerful outlines reveal the confidence and uniqueness, very representative.

Bracket-style Sleeves

Different from the flat color-blocking in previous seasons, knitwear sweatshirts in the new season advocates more layer changes. With the help of color-blocking, ruffles and layered fabrics display the layered sense of the item. Compared with simple color blocks, the space sense of the item is tensile and fully shows the youthful vitality. In order to avoid the heavy and thick sense of two pieces, lightweight yarns or small-scale panel are applied to design partially. The style of LOEWE is one of the best examples.

Layered Contrast

Spliced materials in the new season highlight the volume difference between knit fabric and woven fabric. The light woven fabric and knitwear with ribs are spliced together, suitable for early spring. The soft satin and lightweight cotton shirt fabric brings a layered sense together with knitwear. Neat cutting presents rich silhouette changes.

Spliced Materials

Sweatshirts with layered sleeves are fashionable and functional, and show the layered sense and the 3D sense. As a decoration in the neck, the slender scarf lengthens the visual proportion of the top body, and is suitable for casual occasion.

Layered Sleeves

Funny designs in cuffs emphasize both vision and touch contrasts brought by heavy-gauged 3D cables and the flat fabric. Color-blocking, shirring and ruffles show the individuality of sweatshirts, and are suitable for knit items or woven items.

Designs in Sleeves

Tapes with letters or ribs are more decorative in flat knitwear than previous seasons, which is clearly reflected in the chest and sleeves. The orderly arrangement of repetitive edge decorations and color-blocking strengthen the layered sense of sweatshirts, and give a nonchalant, free and casual beauty to modern urban females.

Decorative Edges


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