The S/S 2021 Reversed Future Theme Trend for Kidswear


What is Reversed Future? Literally, it means looking back at how people thought about the future in the past. Flying car, airship, laser cannon, floating city, pipeline transportation, conquering several planets, personal submarine and personal robot… All these imaginative visions were once thought by people in the past to be what life should be in the future. With the support of modern tech, early futurism still has unrealized ideas, adding appeal to “the future that never happened”, and enhancing the S/S 2021 retro futuristic aesthetics through virtual technology and brilliant colors. Digital space reverses the future, taking us back to a new world that “never happened.”


Inspirational Event

1. In 1949, Stanley G. Weinbaum, an American science fiction writer, first proposed the concept of Virtual Reality in his Pygmalion’s Spectacles, the first science fiction novel to describe VR. Nowadays, people can experience the virtual world from the VR horizon (1-1,1-2). 2. A Finnish company has combined AR systems to create a climbing game called Augmented Climbing Wall that allows people who love rock climbing to experience outdoor climbing at any time while being safer (2-1,2-2). 3. On February 1st, 2015, Budweiser’s Super Bowler advertising plan uses VR holographic technology to realize the game experience of “real people eat beans”, making the game interact with reality more closely (3-1,3-2).

Inspirational Event

The 2-year-old MA$E wears “THE TEN” series, Nike Air Max 1/97 series and YEEZY. Bright digital color contrast and retro outdoor look display the unique individuality, fashionable and cool.

Representative IP -- MA$E

On September 9th, 2019, Beijing time, Anta Kids appeared on the China Day catwalk at New York fashion week, marking Anta’s international fashion week debut. The show has a theme of “Playmaker”, which featured the sporty function style. It launches three series of Playmaker x Origins, Playmaker x Energy, and Playmaker x Glory, including a collaboration series with Opening Ceremony, an American fashion brand. It perfectly integrates outdoor retro sports, street fashion and function together.

Representative Brand -- ANTA kids

The improvement of digital technology provides better support for creative designs. Influenced by the retro futurism, retro and technical color aesthetics is warmly welcomed. Combining the outdoor exercising experience, streamer blue, gumdrop green, scuba blue and multicolored space colors created by retro art will be key color trend of this theme.

Colors -- Multicolored Space Colors

Avant-garde designers, like Paco Rabanne, Rudi Gernreich, Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin, are pioneers in the use of plastic, vinyl, metals and other unconventional materials. The A/W 2018 series of Balmain also adopted many futuristic metal elements, displaying designers’ forecast for design elements and styles in 2050. Metal materials are important under the theme of Reversed Future. Metal materials combining with outdoor theme will be the trend.

Fabric -- Colorful Metals

Robot and spaceship are the imaginary future that people had 100 years ago. These illustrations and lettered patterns about people’ imaginary future are combined with futuristic glossy colors, bringing a retro futuristic feel.

Pattern -- Future That Never Happened

The lightweight trench coat is inspired by world war I military overcoats in the western battlefield and modern long raincoats. It integrates fine metal luster with wind-proof and lightweight features. The loose oversized design is rain-proof, wind-proof, fashionable and futuristic, suitable for transition of spring and summer.

Key Item -- Trench Coats

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