The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear


The warm and soft knitwear is necessary in winter. Flexible and changeable stitch letters unlock the pattern craft for men’s knitwear. Strings, stitches, yarns and accessories are adopted to present exquisite styles, helpful for men’s knitwear development of fashion and leisure style.

men's knitwear

Changeable stitches are adopted to form lettered pattern, which is a focus of men’s knitwear. Different from the solid fine-gauged pullover with letters, lettered pattern in the new season pays more attention to the combination of line and plane. The slightly coarse hand-sewn stitches, dense and sparse dotted jacquard, 3D floating threads, and contrasting colors display the collision of traditional and modern crafts, so the knitwear will be more fashionable and vibrant.


One of featured designs of men’s knitwear is the loose silhouette and simple letters. Apart from the basic jacquard in different tones making contrast with the slid clothing, in the new season, lettered pattern advocates more about applying melange yarns and metallic yarns to create the lettered jacquard. The visual sense is enriched by the texture difference like the count of yarns and appearance.

Different Yarns

String is widely used in creative clothing in the new season. Satin or velvet strings are smartly woven into letters, with dazzling colors, a thick or thin voluminous feel to bring various 3D looks, thus decorations of letters are innovated.


Simple embroidered letters make the solid clothing no more monotonous. Dense and sparse stitches, different color tones and space structure combined with beads is chic and flexible. Styles of Just Cavalli display the outlines of pullover and embroidered letters, easily creating a fashionable and leisure vibe, fit for Chinese second and third-tier knitwear markets advocating simple designs.

Complicated Embroidery

Different from the roughness and flaunt of long tassels, this season floating threads will be daintier and shorter. One or two floating threads can display the 3D feature to the most, and make contrast with plane letters, thus the simple design is fully displayed and the style is practical and fashionable.

Tassels and Floating Threads


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