The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Journey of Denim

Men's Jeans

Jeans are a hundred years old, but they still look young. Their vitality and changeable styles make them ever-lasting in the fashion industry. Jeans have come a long way from the workers’ uniform to the symbol of youthful rebellion, then to the high fashion item. And its invention is also quite interesting.

men's jeans

The tampered jeans have wide top but narrow bottom, and become the key item with various styles. Deconstruction and splicing are bold and creative in jeans. Splicing different materials is highly acceptable in the market, and gradually grows. The waistband is obvious in trousers of this season. The high-waist is lengthened. Splicing multi-layered fabrics as well as the combination of waistband and belt add more possibilities to conventional tampered jeans.

Tampered Jeans

The original straight silhouette is always the necessary item for fashionistas. In A/W 20/21, worn-out decorations will be the key to this silhouette. The worn-out in the knee and fringes strengthen the appearance. The zipper in the waist and the mock-belt also add some points to the straight silhouette.

Straight Jeans

The 1960s is an iconic moment for flared jeans. Compared with flares hot in 1972, flares in A/W 20/21 are more eye-catching. Well-fitting waistband makes a contrast with loose and voluminous legs. Metal ring decoration, worn-out decoration, text printing, buttonholes in side seams or splicing in the leg improve the exquisite silhouette. The stone washed effect can be achieved by preprocessing the fabric, or chromatography after eco-friendly wash and snow wash.

Flared Jeans

Skinny trousers are a kind of wonderful trousers design between straight leg and boot-cut pants. They are favored by casual brands and street brands because the leg cutting is fit for ergonomics. In A/W 20/21, more novel skinny jeans appear. Inspired by the new punk movement, skinny trousers in this season become more eye-catching with doodled texts in the leg, many metal rivets in side seams and large-scale worn-out effect in the leg so that skinny jeans could meet young customers’ demands for individuality and become one of the hottest silhouettes currently.

Skinny Jeans

Utility is still popular. Fashion designers create classic workwear styles constantly, but abandon the highly practical aesthetics. In this new season, pockets are less obvious and pay more attention to the size, length and stitch angle. Zipper and button are necessary elements and become the decorative detail to make one-piece jeans tough.

Workwear One-piece Jeans

As avant-garde consumers prefer the straight style, oversized silhouette becomes the first choice to replace the classic silhouette. Loose pleated jeans of this season reinterpret the retro and the classic through the voluminous sense, the casual sense, double layers in the leg opening or multiple pleats. In addition, they create a new fashion.

Loose Pleated Jeans


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