The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Under the changeable fashion, warm and soft cashmere refuses complicated utility, and adopts fine stitches and the superior texture of the cashmere to display the fashion charm of urban business style. The fine-gauged texture in the new season creates an orderly linear space, adding elegance and calmness to pre-fall.


In the new season, business leisure men’s knitwear insists on compact stitches and meticulous beauty. Different from basic ottoman stitches in the past, this season men’s knitwear pays more attention to crossed stitches and the dense gap between 12 stitches and 14 stitches. The orderly crossed stitches create a tensile spacial sense and bring a 3D impact. Black, white and grey tones bring simple and charming fashion items.

Fine-gauged Knitwear

The structure of points, lines and plane is significant in men’s knitwear of urban business style. Unlike the previous seasons which adopt orderly points to create lines and patterns brought by crossed lines, the knitwear in the new season emphasizes the crossed planes more. The purl and kwise textures can imitate lines and gradually shape a geometric plane. The irregular contrast of planes has richer textures and comfortable touch than the flat jacquard.

Crossed Line and Plane

Previous seasons adopt rough heavy-gauged cables, while in the new season, men’s knitwear of the urban business style uses simple lines to be modern. Compactness and fineness become the key to fine-gauge. Rhomboid checks are not restricted to graceful cables, and use neat straight lines to display the clear checks, reinterpreting modern classics and easily creating an elegant image of business men.

Compact Rhomboid Checks

The combination of multiple stitches is a key craft to show the personalized business men’s knitwear. Fine-gauged cables are softer and more soothing when applied to cashmere. The stitch integrating purl, kwise and jacquard in a dotted line can create fine textures, with blue and green tones having moderate saturation to create a cultured and elegant image of business men.

Diversified Textures.jpg

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