How do luxury brands take advantage of Chinese Valentine’s day for marketing

Chinese Valentine’s day is approaching, have you chosen the gift of love?

Please check the sweet invitations from major big fashion brands.


# I Apple U #

This Chinese Valentine’s day, gucci has launched a series of designs with sour, sweet and fresh hand-painted apples as the main elements and “you’re the apple of my eye” as the theme.

From cute animations to retro mythological posters, apple elements can be seen everywhere, reminiscent of the slogan of “I Apple U”, creating a sweet and romantic atmosphere all the time.

Gucci Pattern

The brand invited three pairs of young star to act as couple, including Zhou Jieqiong + Ding Yuxi, Jiang Zhenyu + Hu Yitian, Zhao Silu + Lin Yanjun, to interpret three different love stories. Are they sweet or green? Wait for you to unlock it.

Brand pattern trend

With red and pink as the main tone, the poster shows Gucci girl’s ancient spirit. In addition to clothing and footwear accessories, Gucci also introduced water cups, jewelry plates and scented candles to inject high sweetness into the festival atmosphere.

Gucci style
Gucci style
Gucci style
Gucci style
Gucci style


# Give U MY HEART#

Fendi collaborated with London artist and illustrator who is called Sam Cox to launch the Chinese Valentine’s day limited ——Mr. doodle series.

FENDI style

With the help of the Image Ambassador Wang Jiaer, the whole limited series of Chinese Valentine’s Day is full of youthful vitality.

Fendi style

In addition to the spokesperson, a group of brand friends are invited to participate. The off-line reception also invited many star bloggers favored by young people to attend, and it is likely to get along with the new generation.

Fendi style

Sam Cox’s graffiti can be found all over the series, from vests to suits to shoes, from inside to outside of bags.

Fendi style

People in Chengdu can also unlock Fendi coffee in offline stores to create exclusive “limited memories” with their partners from taste buds to vision.

Fendi Coffe

Christian Dior


Mr. Dior is in love with the high-level custom-made dress named after love, constantly composing the praise of love. Maria Grazia, the creative director of Dior women’s wear, inherits this spirit and introduces Dior’s limited series to pay tribute to Mr. Dior.


Handwritten “I love you” in 38 languages and the passionate red dot elements are the imprint of this series and the affectionate message of this year’s Chinese Valentine’s day.

In addition to the classic style is given a new pattern, two new Mini Book Tote, more suitable for petite girls, but also more exquisite and versatile.

Dior style

Dior also takes care of your sense of ceremony. This limited edition also includes a series of stationery to convey love, aromatherapy to create atmosphere, and tableware for candlelight dinner.



LV launched craft capsule series to welcome the Chinese Valentine’s day, in which the Chinese limited style changed the red and black color to sweeter Red + pink, presenting a wonderful festival atmosphere.

LV style

With a large number of graffiti old flower patterns covered with practical bags and accessories, people are impressed, even if the festival is over, it can be regarded as a series of fashionable items.

LV fashion pattern

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