The Fabric Trend for Women’s Puffa Jacket

Women's Puffa Jacket

With people’s pursuit of living quality, the clear spaciousness awakens human organs. Simple fashionable and protective puffa jackets attract rising attention among female consumers. They start to focus on their true mental requirement and present their original willingness. With no redundant ornaments, the minimalism and practicality better fit the living concept in this quick tempo era. This report will not only meet the public’s needs of healthy protection, but also endow fabric products with fashionable sense. Its minimalist style and lightweight comfort bring a brand new dressing experience to urban women.

Women's Puffa Jacket

Recycled eco-friendly fibers uses stable green fibers which is made from fused and spinning high-quality scrap materials of mineral water bottles and filaments. The application of dope-dyed technique is non-polluting and also can decrease the damage to fibers and maintain the original spinnability. The fabric has a soft and smooth tactile and base cloth. The application of quilted seams, a post-craft design which is popular in A/W 21/22 women’s puffa jackets, not only satisfies people’s needs of recycled fabrics, but also endows fabrics with new fashionable features.

Women's Puffa Jacket

Recycled eco-friendly fabric has a soft and smooth tactile and base cloth. The minimalist quilted seams checkers have good plasticity in tailoring and producing. The loose silhouette with waisted belts can present a feminine temperament. The new outlook is suitable for every kind of puffa outerwear via splicing and contrast colors.

Women's Puffa Jacket

Bamboo charcoal fibers used the bamboo which has grown in northern China for more than five years as material to carbonize, and then nanosize it into nanometer bamboo charcoal powder. After that, traditional viscose preparation craft process makes the powder evenly distributed, and mix into polyester to become high-quality fibers. The fabric with many trace elements and carbides has a cotton-like effect, which can promote body’s microcirculation and is good for one’s health. Besides, its features also including deodorization, anti-bacteria, moisture absorption and air-permeability.

Women's Puffa Jacket

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