The Eco-responsibility Fabric Analysis of Paris Première Vision Online Exhibition

fabric trend

The S/S 2022 Paris Première Vision fabric&accessory exhibition was still held online from February 15 to 19. The most authorized and valuable exhibition in the world, Première Vision, is a magnificent event for the textile industry throughout the world. And it always cooperates with fabric&accessory suppliers and tanneries. Their latest researches broaden the horizon of the whole fashion industry and provide trends and directions. Nowadays, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion has been one of the most essential trends in the global fashion industry. The new products in this S/S 2022 Paris PV exhibition are not only eye-catching, but also present the integration of fashionable and sustainable quality, responsible fashion requirements and ecological cycles. The newest fabrics, no matter knitted, lace, jacquard, towel, woven or leather and denim, all underline the new position of moral and ecological responsibility. The ingenious application of various eco-fibers, green crafts with low chemical impact finishing and recycled biodegradable fibers once again takes S/S 2022 fashion to another stage and rebuilds the ecological fashion, starting the environmental conversation between fashion and eco-responsibility.

fabric trend

The main developing direction of S/S 2022 eco-friendly fabrics is using green fibers, and it is also the latest attractive field of yarn and fabric manufacturers. As the relative of linen, hemp owns the best ecological virtue among green fibers. Hemp is not only one of the earliest cultivated crops, but also easy to trace. It does not need too much irrigation and too much pesticide, so it has certain environmental advantages. Fabric manufacturers this season blend hemp with organic or recycled cotton, recycled synthetic fibers and FSC or Refibra viscose fibers. No matter knitted jersey or woven blend linen has softer and more delicate tactility. The most noteworthy fabrics in S/S 2022 are those hemp and 100% green fiber fabrics. Exhibitor: Libeco, LMA Leandro Manuel Araujo, A.Sampaio&Filhos, Pontetorto, Ekoten Tekstil, Vilartex, Crispim Abreu, Lurdes Sampaio, Filasa, Bottonificio Piemontese.

fabric trend

The organic cotton and recycled blend fiber fabrics in Paris PV exhibition present the new environmental target of S/S 2022. Blending organic cotton with various recycled fibers, Refibra cellulose and new polyester or polyamide are combined with recycled cotton. These 100% cotton/organic recycled fibers can be applied on knitted fabrics, denim and some leisurely kidswear woven fabrics, which also underlines the rising pursuit of environmental aesthetics. Exhibitor: A.Sampaio&Filhos, denim manufacturer Troficolor, Telatex, Tintex textile, Balas Textile, Bugis, Trimalhas, Filasa, Vialaton-Martin, Lurdes Sampaio, Soktas tekstil, Lenzing, Varcotex, Legoplast Packaging, Utax.

fabric trend

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