The Comprehensive Analysis of Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

Influenced by this special epidemic, the futuristic commuting style rises. How to satisfy the dressing requirements of commuters when they come back to the office soon after the stayhome has stimulated some independent designers. Delicate futuristic commuting clothes make the traditional office wear modern, playful and practical. And it is also the creative design according to the features of contemporary commuters.

Menswear Designer Brand

Millennials and Gen Z will occupy over 60% in the workplace in 2021. The diverse mixed group of Digital Natives with social responsibility and ambition become our search objects. According to the data, there will be 9.09 million college graduates in 2021, which is the highest number in the history. They are a generation of personality, not bound by the conventional working mode. They are more concerned about flexible working hours and changing workplaces in order to obtain a sense of happiness in life.

Menswear Designer Brand

With the changes of global workplace and the existence of mobile office technique, commuters get rid of the traditional working system and the fixed workplace. Corona virus completely changes the conventional officing mode, and promotes the application of remote working. Diverse workplaces lead to the redefinition of the balance between life and work. Therefore, eco-friendly and healthy officing products are more popular among commuters.

Menswear Designer Brand

The S/S 2021 collection of Staffonly is also its tenth season. Designers, Une Yea and Zhou Shimo focus on the reform and possibility of office space. Taking Staff as the character of this season, the brand tries to explore the huge but obscure group of salaried people. Staff pays attention to and deconstructs the most daily scenery, office, to provide a dressing guide for the flexible officing. We can not only find the fixed elements of office, but also the prints and details of vacation. These elements weave the Workation image of Staffonly and balance the comfortable dressing experience and functionality.

Menswear Designer Brand

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