The Fabric Trend for Men’s and Women’s Delicate Safety Shirt

Men's and Women's Shirt

People are putting emphasis on cleaning and health nowadays, which leads to the popularity of anti-bacterial products. Materials like bamboo fiber, milk silk and other anti-bacterial fibers have the advantage of being eco-friendly. In the S/S 2022 fashion week, light business shirt fabric textiles are also more likely to meet the anti-bacterial and healthy trend. Based on the remained traditional texture, new functions and properties are under updating to satisfy the higher living requirements and fashion trend. This report will provide designers and fabric manufacturers with developing direction and the key trend for light business shirt fabric through the introduction of anti-bacterial milk silk and bamboo fiber.

Men's and Women's Shirt

The bamboo fiber is a kind of sustainable cellulose fiber. Advanced craft is used to make bamboo into pulp. And wet-spinning technique extracts the bamboo fibers and recreates the fibers into fabric. Its good air-permeability and moisture absorption make it be known as the breathable bio fabric. The high-density and wear resistant fabric also has good dyeability and natural anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor and anti-insect functions. The recyclable bamboo fiber of Sanyou Bambo is blended with superfine fibers to create smooth, delicate and easy-care fabric.

Bamboo Fiber Blend

The bamboo fiber blend fabric is soft and skin-friendly, which has high density, good texture and elegant lustre. It is suitable for every long-sleeve shirt and short-sleeve shirt. Placement details are injected into the classic styles to provide newness.

fashion Style

Anti-bacterial milk silk fabric has the prominent AAA-level anti-bacterial property. Padding and dipping processes are applied with the silver ion releasing technique to penetrate into every corner of the textiles in order to resist the growth and transmission of bacteria, and indirectly avoid the odor produced by decomposed bacteria. The unique post-craft finishing makes the fabric as soft and smooth as milk.

Anti-bacterial Milk Silk

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