A/W 22/23 Craft Keywords of Womenswear


Craft form has a close relationship with the science development. And with the development of VR technique, many brands start to combine reality and virtuality for clothes manufacturing and marketing. Light and Shade, which presents indistinct visual effect, is under great attention. Various social concepts can lead to various craft applications. People’s stronger environment awareness causes the recreation of worn-out clothes. Repurposed remakes the garments and creates more unique products. And people are still pursuing 3D clothes texture and natural delicacy. 3D sunray pleat and shirring are popular this season. Keywords such as environment, three dimensional and technology will influence the craft trend of A/W 22/23 and also imply designers that they can realize the brand value through crafts.


With the development of internet and 5G, many brands are trying digital clothes. And it is used widely among marketing and communicating designs. The pattern of light and shade is the combination of virtuality and reality. There are two expressions to present this effect. The first one is to shoot patterns on white shirt and background through projector. And the second is to use digital printing to present light and shade patterns.


Millennials pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and major brands also reuse and redesign materials. Many brands redesign the worn-out clothes in A/W 22/23. They adjust the silhouette and take advantage of the original structure to make tailoring. Worn-out clothes is combined through blind stitch or weaving to show deconstruction aesthetics. This method also solve the clothing inventory problem.


Distressed stitch can enrich the details. And there are many crafts to present this effect. The first craft is that you can splice the fabrics without edge sealing, and take the inside as the outside. The second one is suturing the positioning yarn. Two kinds of yarn are available. The one is to use the yarn made of the main fabric to show unity. And the other one is to use additional material to provide contrast.


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