A/W 22/23 Accessories Trend Keyword for Clothing Design

Accessories Trend

Facing the stagnation of global economy, over-consumption boycott, environmental protection procurement and pure quality have become new ways of consumption. Multi-functional practical accessories inject value into the clothing, and also increase adaptability and joy. Handicraft brings profound influence. Creative reuse and antiqued process enhance the value. Healing mineral, and humanitarian-protected horns and ivory palm upgrade the appearance of classic accessories. The combination of abundant sequins and lightweight lacing shows delicacy. People are having more attention to nostalgic items and recycled PET material, which endows accessories with sustainability. Organic synthetic materials strengthen the durability and decorative property. Functional outdoor style is integrated into other styles. Designs extend the modular accessories of safe industry. Futuristic materials are combined with digital technology to become the mainstream. 3D modeling creates diversified new accessories, which break through the boundary between reality and virtual. Playful doll and layered woven label enliven the accessory and increase the value.

Accessories Trend

Plain handcrafted texture and home-made craft provide lively woven accessories with diverse touch. Exquisite handmade accessories have been popular. Ancient craft and eco-friendly materials get inspiration from traditional weaving craft. Recyclable materials are used to update the hand-woven products. Wrapped plant knots upgrade the accessory structure and form the natural modern style. Zixiong Xie uses local materials to weave accessory structure, injecting vitality into the daily clothing. Knotted, woven or tasseled ribbons can increase the long-lasting beauty. Brand for reference — Beatrice B..

Accessories Trend

With the rise of second-hand retailing and retro markets, medieval style provides the aesthetic of antiqued decoration. Retro buttons, pearls and gemstones are combined to increase the value of antiques. The Upcycled collection of Miu Miu uses embroidery and embellishment to renew the retro accessory. Different buttons are combined and closely arranged. 3D embossed metal button and pearl are the ideal selections of limited series to balance the feminine temperament and present the nostalgic art.

Accessories Trend

Industrial waste and organic materials are mixed into new materials, which have been an efficient source of sustainable accessory design. Courtney&Co uses recyclable woolen buttons to show the joyful appearance of reuse and creative design. Granular and mosaic surface of terrazzo presents the features of recyclable materials. Bio-degradable synthetic materials like recycled polyester and plant wastes produce special buckles and buttons. The hard accessory trend makes synthetic materials more eco-friendly.

Accessories Trend

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