The Fabric Trend for Women’s Newness of Lace

lace fabric

Coco Chanel once said that lace is the greatest invention of human that nothing is more elegant and exquisite so far. Nature endows us with endless inspiration, and designers can always find a better way to express through yarn and craft. Lace has symbolized exquisite craft and romance since its birth. This report will analysis the craft, pattern and texture of lace. The main introduction of water-soluable lace, wrap-knitted lace and laser-cut lace-like fabric provides new directions for designers and fabric develop enterprise in A/W 22/23.

lace fabric

Fiber & Material — Chenille yarn, wool, regenerated polyester and nylon are integrated into common cotton and chemical fiber to increase the thermal property and eco-friendly value. Fabric Craft — Water-soluable embroidered lace-like fabric is an important category of lace. Digital embroidery is made on water-soluable nonwoven base cloth. Hot water dissolves the base cloth and leaves the dimensional fabric. Nylon, cotton and polyester fibers are blended, and different colors are used to form the colorful lace effect. Printing and 3D decorations can be added on the dissolved embroidered cloth to present the layered dimensional feel. Different from the common individualized patterns, the application of geometric shapes and decoration patterns will be the future direction.

lace fabric

Different from the traditional water-soluable pattern, the twining abstract pattern and layered imaginary flowers are more impressive. Integrated Chenille yarn strengthens the thermal property. The combination with fitted tailoring and lively silhouette is suitable for making A/W 22/23 women’s tops and dress.

lace fabric

Geometric holes and hollow-out floral patterns are shown on the natural cotton-linen fabric after dissolving. Plain monochrome style is combined with organic or regenerated materials to make the textiles more comfortable and natural. This layered visual effect is suitable for development the design of A/W 22/23 women’s top, outerwear, skirt and trousers.

lace fabric

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