The Craft Trend for Kids’ Knitwear

Kids' Knitwear

As an important category of A/W, knitwear features detail crafts. Asymmetric patchwork underlines individualized design; rainbow stripes echo the colorful world of kids; tassels strengthen the sense of elegancy. Ruffle, 3D crochet, pastel gradient, heavy-gauged cable and heterogeneous splicing are also the important expressions of knitwear.

Kids' Knitwear

Irregularly divided style and mismatch color blocking show the sense of asymmetry and create a more stylish visual effect. Irregular color blocking of knitwear enriches the whole picture. Color-blocking jacquard and asymmetric structural division provide more newness.

Kids' Knitwear

Lively and bright colors suit the naive and innocent kidswear the most. The rainbow stripes on knitwear inject a more joyous visual vibe. Placement and all-over horizontal stripes and vertical stripes all use dazzling and bright colors to provide people with healing warmth.

Kids' Knitwear

Dip dyeing and tone-on-tone splicing create the gradient effect of pastel colors. Fresh and graceful pastel colors make the A/W knitwear charming and eye-catching. Mohair and velvety styles are more suitable for such effect. The hazy visual feeling not only weakens the silhouette and also upgrades the comfort.

Kids' Knitwear

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