Accessory Trend for A/W 22/23 Runways

clothing Accessory

Clothing is a carrier to convey one’s individuality and spirit. Diversified designs enliven the whole fashion industry, and also allow consumers to have more choices and pay more attention to details. Accessory has become a noteworthy highlight. This report will analyze the fashion trend, texture, material, craft and suitable position of natural texture, metal button, textured button, adjustable snap, protective safety buckle, new material of adjustable loop, special-shaped zipper teeth, special-shaped zipper head, metal rivet, decorative waist loop and metal iron ring.

clothing Accessory

Material & Craft — Natural materials(shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo) feature natural fibers and the irregular surface. Polished raw patterns and post-finishing crafts create original materials.
Position — Cuff, pocket opening, placket, waistband, sleeve
Developing Trend — Low-pollution and raw natural fibers can be used to create daily accessories.

clothing Accessory

Material & Craft — The combination of metal and coating accentuates its gloss and texture. Variable metal shapes and coating colors show textured surface and gradient effect.
Position — Neckline, cuff, pocket opening, placket
Developing Trend — Consumers will pursue anti-bacterial materials in the future. Copper, silver and zinc are recommended.

clothing Accessory

Texture & Silhouette — Irregular shapes stress the texture and present creative patterns. Tactile surface and random printing are shown.
Material & Craft — Natural horn shape, recycled organic glass, polyester and resin are the key materials. Shell, wood, and natural mineral can be used.
Position — Placket, neckline, cuff, pocket opening, leg opening.

clothing Accessory

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