The Detail Craft Trend for Men’s Collar

Men's Collar

Collar crafts is always the soul of menswear, which can determine the style. With the updating craft in the market, the detail design of collar is no more limited by the tradition and multiple crafts are used to evolve the classic. Pointed collar brings personalized and delicate highlights to the menswear design. Multi-layer collar enriches the structure. And the interesting square shape has already become the most trendy detail in this season. Classic round collar is rebuilt by deconstruction, which maintains the classic. Notably, more and more special-shaped collars have shown in the market, providing more choices for personalized consumers.

Men's Collar

Once popular pointed collar reinterprets men’s craft design in a brand new posture. The sharpness, length and width of pointed collar are all the important factors, which may bring more personalized and delicate designs. Different materials can be used to beatify men’s neck lines and face lines.

Men's Collar

Double-layered craft design was once a big hit in the market. And the mock-layered structure of this season is more delicate and ingenious. The layering and splicing of collar features provide cross-seasonal styles with rich visual effect. And with the development of craft, even totally different collars can be perfectly fused. Creative design and evolved classic are both the main collar crafts in this season.

Men's Collar

The design of square collar presents the intensive modern playfulness, and such collar type can also decorate wearers’ shoulder and face. Different widths of collar directly affect of visual feel. Wider collar better decorates the linear feel and presents individuality. However, narrower collar is more delicate. Except for the common application on men’s jacket and outerwear, it can be applied on knitwear as well. Different materials provide square collar with unique styles.

Men's Collar

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