The Design Development of Women’s Underwear & Loungewear

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

Fashion Trend forecasting Women’s Underwear & Loungewear in 2022/2023 aw

Tracing back the history, the human and nature environment build the world together. This season we continuing last theme to advocate nature and combined with traditional handcraft, echoing the environmental design concept nowadays. We are exploring a way to mutualism with nature, to advocate everything, and be respect to culture and history, to protect nature with regeneration technology, and make comfortable warmth keeping products with natural fabrics, combined with original design concept and mutualism feeling and ancient wisdom of craftsman, to interpret the nature and ideal home life.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear


1.Every single piece of Love Stories is a big event of prints, patterns and fabrics. This brand is determined to make romantic handwork underwear with unique and creative prints and lace.

2.DôendÔen used to be a creative female group in Los Angeles. The inspiration are from the nostalgic for the past several decades of California, and the hope to make daily but nobility wear.

3.Rebecca Desnos is a plant dye artificer from U.K.. She has made a whole collection of clothes and accessories with sustainable materials and plant dyestuff. She never follow the changeable fashion, but looking forward the aesthetic which is close to nature.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

In this season, the style is mainly about natural, traditional technology, advocating natural sustainable fabric. The original texture of flower print and traditional artificers’ spirit present the primitiveness and gentleness of nature. Combines nature with design, the main inspiration of the design is original ecology materials, which makes us see original prints, handmade embroidery and romantic texture.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

Thick, wild and natural color tones present the primitive and plain topic of this season. Heavy brown colors and warm reddish brown group the basic tonality. The combination with natural textures is rather peaceful and plain. Primitive and natural colors of fig, blue berry and tortoise shell are balanced with bright Surf the Web(PANTONE 19-3952TPG) and Cherries ubilee(PANTONE 19-2041TPG). The Autumn earthy color tone mixes thick Desert Palm(PANTONE 19-0815TPG) with Bronze Brown(PANTONE 18-0937TPG) to make underwear more casual and practical. Skin-like Almost Apricot(PANTONE 15-1319TPG) can decorate the lining.

Women's Underwear & Loungewear

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