The Sustainable Development Digital Exhibition Analysis of Première Vision Paris

Première Vision Paris

As the most authorized exhibition for textiles and accessories, Première Vision Paris provides exclusive fashion ideas and all-around online fashion information for professionals. Exploring the connotation of collective wisdom, Première Vision gathers industry insiders and experts together to establish a frame that people can share their ideas about fashion. On this A/W 22/23 Première Vision Paris, fabric manufacturers, spinning enterprises, tanneries and accessory manufactures all focused on the sustainability, ecological responsibility, bio-degradability and recyclability. Every stage of the production process should be reexamined to reduce the chemical effects to the ecological resources.

Première Vision Paris

Unstained cotton and linen fibers were the major fibers for the S/S 2022 Première Vision Paris, which was continued in A/W 22/23. Original color woolen fiber is also added into the team. Extracted from wasted food, banana fiber and pineapple fiber are used to make knitted fabrics and eco-friendly leather products.

Première Vision Paris

All kinds of woven and knitted fabric made by bio-degradable and compostable materials have been the highlight of this Première Vision Paris. Category, tactility, texture and color are richer and more fashionable. Except for natural fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber, degradable and compostable synthetic fiber is the most important innovative material.

Première Vision Paris

Over 30% renewable bio-based(sugarcane, corn, castor) polymer is used instead of petroleum-based polymer to produce synthetic fibers , which has been a new direction for fabric & accessory enterprises. Multiple Korean and Taiwan enterprises displayed their 100% bio-based degradable fabrics. 

Première Vision Paris

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