The Floral Labyrinth Digital Exhibition Analysis of Première Vision Paris

Première Vision Paris

The A/W 22/23 Première Vision Paris was held in September. Rich shapes and bold yet steady colors were used to present innovative patterns with mysterious charm, which expressed people’s expectation in the post-pandemic era. Refreshing elegant colors and strong dazzling colors both own a large group of consumers. With the need of brand style, the patterns and colors of Première Vision Paris brought new inspirations to designers.

Première Vision Paris

Flowing linear patterns have returned. These ripped curves and the patterns of scrolls are all softened and simplified. The flowing touch of lines presents the smudged effect of dye, and the combination of dynamic colors shows visual impact. Although these colors will make people think of the 60s, different ways of color matching are made into flat graphics to soften the vibration. An amazing peacefulness and harmonious psychedelic emotions are exuded.

Première Vision Paris

Colorful Pop Art fabrics and psychedelic Pop color blocks are inspired by the artworks of 20th century artists, such as Anni Albers and Vasarely. Checkerboard, graphical imbrication, dynamic art, 3D geometric shape, normal circle, square and diamond are arranged in a unique and endless way. These repeated and rhythmic patterns lead the market and awaken the connection of modern art painting and apparel design.

Première Vision Paris

Inspired by oriental flowers, the colorful and dark pattern backgrounds create a delicate and cautious harmony. We can wear the floral prints all over the body, which awakens the oriental aesthetics. Slavic spirit is also exuded from the popular patterns, the stylized changes of palm leaves, decorative rose and folk flowers are echoed with the traditional composition.

Première Vision Paris

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