The Womenswear Runway Analysis of PRADA


The Spring/Summer 2022 Prada show is staged, simultaneously, in the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada, Milan and in Bund 1, Shanghai. Seduction, Stripped Down is the name Prada and Simons gave to the collection. Complex historical elements were rebuilt to be modernized and simple to interpret the embrace and subversion of sexiness. Bra cups and corset bones were fused with knitwear, outerwear and dress by modernized designs to feel solemn, sexy and harmonious; evening gown was simplified to reach a balance between seduction and mini-malism; raw or distressed leather jackets and tiny duchesse satin miniskirts presented the interplay of elegancy and punk. Miuccia and Raf created a fantastic and realistic renewing process by deconstructing and regrouping daywear with gorgeous clothing.


Distressed heavy leather jacket is a key item this season, which fuses the wildness of rock singers and riders. Dark-tone punk leather and crisp genderless silhouette are layered with duchesse satin miniskirts to bring the conflict of masculinity and elegancy, roughness and fine-ness, which is exactly PRADA’s reinterpretation of sexy.


The palette of PRADA defined the sexy, luxurious and passionate touch of high-saturation bright colors. Salted Lime, Oriole, Blazing Yellow and Poinciana endow minimalist modern styles with luxurious sexy though visual impact and high saturation.


The bones of corset were used throughout the collection. Irregular, loose arrangement focused on the comfort of slim waist and maintained the core element. Red lace dress was fused with corsetry bones to present amazing visual effect and interpret the pioneering sexy concept.


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