The Silhouette Trend for Kids’ Golden Childhood Overcoat

Kids' Golden Childhood Overcoat

Overcoat is always a noteworthy item in autumn and winter, and the traditional silhouettes have been redesigned and evolved. The overcoat silhouette in A/W 22/23 mainly remains the tradition and presents a fashionable and minimalist feel. Detail design on waist and dressing layers are the key points. Loose A-line coat, versatile O-line coat, comfortable mock-layered coat, belted bathrobe-style coat, and neat H-line coat add decorative languages to the silhouettes.

Kids' Golden Childhood Overcoat

The A-line silhouette is used widely in kidswear design. The silhouette that doesn’t cinch waist and hip presents high inclusiveness, which is suitable for a wide range of ages. This elegant and a little bit naughty design creates an innocent and active atmosphere.

Kids' Golden Childhood Overcoat

The neat tailoring and details of H-line overcoat are friendly to most body shapes, which is also able to layered with many other items. In colors, the matching of basic tones is comfortable and steady, while the multi-colored plaid can enliven the autumn and winter.

Kids' Golden Childhood Overcoat

O-line overcoat, also known as cocoon overcoat, has no clear shoulder lines and shows a loose body, which exudes a comfortable, casual and also active effect. Besides, the loose shape of cocoon overcoat also feels laid-back and free. Its unisex and handsome temperament strengthens the thermal performance and sends out an elegant aura. The soft fabrics and flexible outlines provide high plasticity, and belts can be used to transfer the O-line silhouette into X-line.

Kids' Golden Childhood Overcoat

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