The Fabric Trend for Song Brocade(Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage)

Fabric Trend

Originating in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and produced in Suzhou, Song brocades, together with Yun brocades of Nanjing and Shu brocades of Sichuan, are known as China’s top three famous brocades. Showing gorgeous colors, delicate patterns, and soft textures, 14th to 19th centuries were the prime time for Song brocades. Influenced by the modernized western industries and wartime in the early 20th century, the techniques of making traditional Song brocades have been nearly vanished. In 1995, a reproduction center for silk and brocade relics was founded in Suzhou, whose in-depth researches and reproductions of traditional crafts and ancient brocades created opportunities for reviving Song brocades. On May 20th, 2006, the technique of producing Song brocades got the approval of the state council listed in the first batch of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage in China.

The History of Song Brocades

Fabric features: Gorgeous colors; delicate patterns; resilient and soft textures; more wash resistant; patterns with strong layers and smooth tactility.

Patterns: Geometric motif is used as frames, filled by flowers, auspicious grass, eight treasures(ancient coins, books, paintings, plucked instruments, chess, etc.) , the eight immortals, and eight auspicious symbols(pots, umbrellas, law wheels, lotus, fishes, sea snails, etc.)

Features of Song Brocades

Pale and sweet colors are used instead of the thick tones and realistic flowers on traditional Song brocades. These freehand florals, branches, and leaves present delicate details and vitality.

Modern Song Brocade Jacquard

Inspired by the windows in traditional Suzhou gardens, shapes are regrouped to from novelty rounded geometry. Diversified arrangements show rhythmic visual effects and exude a strong modernized touch.

Modern Song Brocade Jacquard

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