The Analysis of FENG CHEN WANG The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

FENG CHEN WANG is a London designer brand founded by the Chinese designer Fengchen Wang in 2015. The graduate of London’s Royal College of Art was listed as the semi-finalists of the LVMH Prize 2016. Her freedom-oriented attitude and researches on menswear structures create a pioneering aesthetic. Inspired by the personal life tracks, FENG CHEN WANG presents both practicality and the sense of designing.

Menswear Designer Brand

Brand logos are presented on garments through embroidery, 3D embellishments, and appliques, which enriches the visual effect and strengthens the brand identity. 

Menswear Designer Brand

Deconstruction is the signature of FENG CHEN WANG. Smart fake necklines and waistbands express personality and reflect the design aesthetic of the designer.

Menswear Designer Brand

Metallic accessories are added into minimalist silhouettes to break the monotony and elevate the qualities. 

Menswear Designer Brand

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