The Lace Fabric Analysis of Luxury Womenswear Brand

Luxury Womenswear Brand

Soft, lightweight, and breathable lace can better present women’s body curves and elegant temperament. Many luxury brands have released their lace fabrics with different styles, textures, and colors. Crisp water-soluble lace takes the largest proportion; the fine knitting of see-through lace presents elasticity and extensibility; geometric and embroidered lace fabrics enrich the textures; novelty sequin lace will trend upward in the future.

Luxury Womenswear Brand

Water-soluble lace is the most popular among luxury brands. Pale gray, creamy white, and pure white are the main tones. Blend nylon, cotton, and polyester fibers to develop colorful lace. Other fabrics are layered above or below the solubilized embroideries for printing and 3D embellishments.

Relevant for: outerwear, shawl, shirt, dress, trousers

Luxury Womenswear Brand

The comfortable wearing experience and hazy visual effect of see-through lace are loved by consumers. The application on streetwear will be a new fashion trend. Warp knitting lace is sexy, mysterious, stretchy, and extensive. Bio-based chemical fibers and regenerated biodegradable fibers cause lower impact to the environment. Sexy allure is combined with the strong urban accent. Keep an eye on the casual lace products of MSGM and Kenzo.

Luxury Womenswear Brand

Thin and translucent lace fabrics with geometric patterns present soft tactility and gentle gloss. Stripes are arranged to form eye-lets in different sizes and shapes. Abstract and bionic patterns enrich the visual layers. Polyester, nylon, and stretchy spandex are blended to create stretchy lace fabrics.

Relevant for: dress, top, skirt

Luxury Womenswear Brand

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