The A/W 23/24 Mindfulness Color Trend Forecast of Women’s Yogawear

Women's Yogawear

Driven by the New Naturalism, people are rebuilding their relationship with the nature. Mental health and sustainability are integrated into the natural environment for resonance. Getting inspirations from the natural world, eco-friendly color aesthetic has been the core of spirit, and yoga lovers go outside the door. The A/W 23/24 palette of yoga moves eyes to health and outdoor. Natural tones have been the best choices for daily workout and casualness.

Women's Yogawear

In the post-pandemic era, people are finding balance in crisis. The green hue of Bog is soothing, tranquil and also healing. In A/W 23/24, Bog is applied to more categories, ranging from basics, healing activewear, outerwear and pants to outdoor gear and loungewear. Tone-and-tone green coordinate is recommended to create an enriched and clean colorway.

Women's Yogawear

Driven by sustainable development, Bog is presented in a large scale on essential pieces. Tonal abstract camouflage reveals a positive outdoor atmosphere. The pairing with seasonal brights, such as yellow and blue, can be used as secondary color.

Women's Yogawear

The clearness of Kentucky Blue makes us think of air and water. The soft blue hue gives peaceful joy to the mind. The versatile gray shade inside is suitable for multiple categories in autumn and winter. Its relaxing temperament meets the requirements of casual daywear and sportswear.

Women's Yogawear

Kentucky Blue creates popular basics. Graduated tie-dyeing and tonal plant elements display the peacefulness of nature. Warm and solid knitted fabric is the best partner in autumn and winter. The pairing with neutrals and season brights is recommended.

Women's Yogawear

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