The Lagom of A/W 23/24 Thematic Trend for Kidswear

Trend for Kidswear

In the post-pandemic era, people’s lifestyles have been greatly shifted. The perception to the future seeks for a balanced condition and the essence of life. Celebrating the minimalism, we don’t make too much plans about the future, but carry wonderful expectations. Driven by the theme of Lagom, colors and materials take us back to the nature.

Trend for Kidswear

The palette of Lagom is made of natural colors. These healing tones inspire the present lifestyles. Gentle basics are paired with warm avocado and autumn orange to complete a lounge colorway; luxury desaturated gray is the key to the palette. Darks and brights are only presented on embellishments.

Trend for Kidswear

“As homage to our name, Petite Revery or “little daydream”, we invite you and your littles to find new adventures and get lost in your own daydreams this season. Our Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the seasons’ fun-filled adventures like venturing into the forest, exploring the playground, jumping into a pile of colourful leaves, trampling through the mud to find the perfect pumpkin, and sledding down a snowy hill.”

Trend for Kidswear

We define consumers as ‘Healing Explorers’ under this theme. We draw colors and aesthetics from the balanced variations in our daily lives. The basic, comfortable lifestyles and developing spaces realize the harmonious sharing between people and nature. Comfy textiles, natural components and casual outfits refresh our views and minds.

Trend for Kidswear

The representative of Danish furniture design, OYOY was founded in 2021. Inspired by childhood memories, designer Lotte Fynboe combines classic Scandi styles with Japanese design to create natural and plain mixes. Originaly from Sweden and Tunisia, contemporary artist Zahra Holm is living and working in Paris, France. She is fascinated by the female form, the main subject of her work. Her bold use of colour and curvaceous lines create striking compositions that reflect the beauty and power of women.

Trend for Kidswear

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