The Uproar Moments S/S 2024 Thematic Fabric Trend

Fabric Trend

Uproar Moments shows Ravers’ exploration of collective intelligence, and pays more attention to the cooperative interconnection. The cognitive network is developing and growing with an inclusive attitude. Advocate people’s pursuit of collective energy and the spread the experience of altruism. Stimulate positive hedonism and inner inspiration through diverse well-being. Communities as sports, arts and musics are fused together in this theme. Everyone can participate in the public life via an optimistic mindset.

Fabric Trend

The palette of Uproar Moments combines saturated brights with some trans-seasonal tones. Draw inspirations from a series of colorful, steel-framed towers designed by Achitensions. Classic neutrals have timeless appeal. Pretty brights enliven the mood of neutrals. The fabric colors of Urban Leisure center on neutral tones. Charlock and Classic Green are added with Golden Kiwi to interpret the combination between sporty and daily casual. Stylish Social is a theme of bright colors. Positive Capri, Salsa and Purple Corallites are positive and uplifting. Athchic styles use bold-scale yellow and Nectarine with Beacon Blue.

Fabric Trend

The consumers of Uproar Moments explore fresh things and enjoy the diverse well-being. The style of fabric is widely expanded. Luster surface presents the fashion pursuit of core teenagers. Feminine fabrics as lace and tulle are also used in a gender-inclusive way.

Fabric Trend

The urban leisure scenes of Uproar Moments display the mix-and-match looks of core teenagers. Comfy cotton fabrics, lustrous fabrics and special new materials are mixed. Cotton fabric is the most basic fabric of this scene. Sleek lustrous fabrics are the trendy ones. These two categories are mixed with saturated PVCs to create a new mash-up aesthetic.

Fabric Trend

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