The New Look of The A/W 24/25 Color Trend Forecast

Color Trend

The cold colors of the urban environment, gray-toned buildings, fast-moving subways, and crowded strangers are a portrait of urban commuters’ exhaustion, as if their souls have been numbed and devoid of vitality. This topic mainly explores the color matching trends for the 24/25 autumn and winter seasons, with office workers as the main consumer group, emphasizing the importance of the five senses to future consumption. It also uses irony to encourage and empathize with the pressures of contemporary workplaces. As consumers continue to speak out in the digital age, it is expected that “resistance culture” will become stronger in the next 5-10 years, redefining the value of life and turning towards a slow and minimalist consumption that emphasizes durability, protection, and functionality.

Color Trend

Translation: In the monotonous commuting life, more and more commuters are paying attention to spiritual self-satisfaction and improving their quality of life. The stable gray-brown color is paired with the gentle and comfortable cream color, contrasting with cool and neutral colors. Layered combinations of linen, wool, leather, and fur are used to fulfill the core concepts of comfort, texture, practicality, durability, and environmental protection, meeting various scenes and needs from business people to young professionals, presenting a more personalized, diversified, and inclusive new fashion trend.

Color Trend

The major fashion brands and designers at the 24/25 autumn and winter shows are inspired by geological environments such as sandstone, soil, and gray rocks in nature and extract the Sandstone to incorporate it into the design of new fashion business commuting wear. Sandstone is a plain and natural, stable and high-quality neutral color, affected by different materials such as woolen fabric, leather, velvet, and knitwear, showing changes in gloss, texture, and thickness. The gradient effect of hue is achieved through layering and exposure, meeting the needs of different people and expressing different personalized fashion attitudes.

Color Trend

Compared to traditional purple, Mauvewood is a softer and more personalized color that better suits the aesthetic requirements of modern people, which is why it has been favored by fashionistas at major international fashion shows in the 24/25 autumn and winter season. Mauvewood is a delicate and noble neutral color, showing a dignified and elegant business sense in fashion commuting wear. At the same time, it also gives it an artistic atmosphere based on different fabric materials. The appearance of Mauvewood not only enriches the color choices of fashion business commuting wear but also satisfies contemporary people’s pursuit of comfortable, individualized, and high-quality fashion feelings.

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