III VIVINIKO The Benchmark Brand of Women’s Knitwear


Founded in 2006, III VIVINIKO has always taken “simple freshness” as the design concept. It advocates using the most minimalist technique to interpret freshness. With the theme of My City My Holiday, its S/S 2020 collection conveys a life attitude of keeping pace with the times through the relationship between color, pattern and silhouette, and advocates urban women in the city to enjoy a free and comfortable lifestyle like during holiday.

Women's Knitwear

III VIVINIKO S/S 2020 collection brings the auk, shell and waves in the south China Sea into urban life. The jacquard, print and cross-stitch of flying birds depict fun pictures, with the coast map and big florals to echo the theme and bring a strong resort style.


French ditsies pattern is the main element in this collection. Romantic florals break the plainness of solid knitwear. Dotted line jacquard and letter embroidery enrich the layered sense, bring strong vitality of spring, and create a relaxing holiday vibe for urban women.


The knitwear dress of III VIVINIKO is soft and elastic. Orderly stitches make the item well-fitting and comfortable. Cutout on the shoulder, layered ruffles and transparent yarns are quite important, adding a soft feeling. Natural transfer stitches and smooth lines make the item strongly feminine.

Tight Dresses

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Reconstructed Fashion Brand GXG


Neon green is key in the GXG x UMBRO collection. Some monochrome items are also seen. Neutral colors such as black, white, khaki and navy appear. The tee, sweatshirt, jacket and knitwear are dominant.


GXG collaborated with UMBRO to release the “Urban Functional” items with the theme of “Stand Out More”. The silhouettes of workwear jackets and outdoor trench coats are more exaggerated. Bold neon fabrics, reflective prints and functional technical fabrics create the directional urban and functional look.


In the autumn of 2019, GXG collaborated with BE@RBRICK with the theme of “BOY AND HIS BEAR”. Amazing moments in life provide inspiration.


Bold color blocking is key this season. In addition to ice cream tones, the combos of neon green and black, yellow and grey, printed and solid fabrics are common. The colorways are youthful, in line with Gen Z.


Text plays a key role. For GXG’s autumn 2019 collection, embroidered words, overlaid or all-over text with structural repeats provide a premium and individual twist.


Abstract and detailed patterns make a statement. For A/W 2019, portraits, scenic views and cartoon animals are used.

Stylish Print

The polo shirt has become the fashionable and versatile item for fashionistas. The slim silhouette is avoided. Small-scale panelling, embroidery and print are more youthful. Black, white and grey are timeless.

The Chic Polo

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Roman Holiday of Brand Jujubong

Jujubong is a mixed word including Juju and Bom. Jujubong was founded in 2014 by a mother. She designed a set for her baby Juju at the age of 1. Jujubong’s brand concept is simple, modern, playful and warm. Quality textiles and eco-friendly materials are used by Jujubong. For S/S 19, Jujubong still continues the elegant, classical and modern style.

fashion children's style

Nautical elements are the focal point for new prep. The classic one piece, large pointed collar, tapes, woven labels and bows work best. In addition to navy, black and purple, bright yellow stripes update the palette.

New Prep fashion children's style

The vintage elements such as polka dots, fishtail shapes and Chanel styling are key. Polka dots, cotton trims and pearls on the elbow puff-sleeve dress and the billycock feel elegant. The monochrome top with horse-hoof sleeves and checked umbrella dress with the big bow are beautiful.

vintage fashion children's style

Ruffles are often on tops. Panelling adds soft, crisp and playful qualities to ruffles. The diagonal panelling on the tee with stripe tapes and bow are bold.

Soft Tops fashion children's style

The styles of dresses are diverse. Organza puff sleeves add a soft quality to minimalist dresses. Pompons in different colors are attractive. Yellow and black stripes and styled puff sleeves show a bee image.

children's dresses

PVC outerwear is popular. Binding enhance the dimensional effect; the dinosaur-style hood with laser-like spikes is special. The Chanel styling and nautical elements are must-have this season.